Low-Melting Polyester Chips

Low-Melting Polyester Chips series filling cotton shoes mesh low-melting-point filament raw material


Low-Melting Polyester Chips: The Ultimate Solution for Low-Temperature Bonding

Are you looking for a high-quality, versatile, and eco-friendly material for low-temperature bonding applications? Do you want to create innovative products that can withstand extreme conditions and offer superior performance? If yes, then you need low-melting polyester chips.

What is Low-Melting Polyester Chips?

Low-melting polyester chips are a type of modified polyester that have a lower melting point than regular polyester. They can melt at temperatures ranging from 110°C to 220°C, depending on the grade and composition. They are used to produce low-melting fibers, low-melting composite fibers, and other products that require low-temperature bonding.


Intrinsic Viscosity(dl/g) Melting Point°C L value b Value Carboxyl Terminalmol/t) Diethylene Glycol(%)
0.660±0.010 112.0±2.0 ≥60.0 5.0±3.0 40.00±5.00 2.3±0.2
0.660±0.010 180.0±5.0 ≥60.0 5.0±3.0 35.00±5.00 2.6±0.2
0.680±0.015 230.0±5.0 ≥60.0 5.0±3.0 40.00±5.00 1.0±0.2
0.670±0.010 180.0±3.0 ≥60.0 5.0±3.0 40.00±5.00 3.0±0.2

Low-melting polyester chips have many advantages over conventional materials.

Provide strong adhesion and cohesion without compromising the properties of the base materials.
Reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions by lowering the processing temperature and time.
Enhance the durability, flexibility, and resilience of the final products.
Improve the appearance, feel, and comfort of the fabrics and garments.
Expand the range of applications and design possibilities for various industries.

Low-melting polyester chips are widely used in textile, automotive, medical, packaging, and other fields.

Some of the common applications include

Thermal bonding nonwovens, such as interlinings, filters, wipes, masks, etc.
Bicomponent fibers, such as hollow fibers, microfibers, conjugated fibers, etc.
Hot melt adhesives, such as glue sticks, tapes, labels, etc.
3D printing materials, such as filaments, powders, etc.
Shoe materials, such as insoles, counters, toe puffs, etc



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Low-melting polyester chips are the ultimate solution for low-temperature bonding. Try them today and see for yourself.




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