Water Soluble Polyester Chips

Water soluble filament polyester size slice polyester filament staple fiber polyester cotton silk sizing textile sizing.

Water-soluble staple fiber WSPET polyester chip series textile sizing instead of polyvinyl alcohol PVA


Water Soluble Polyester Chips

Technical route

Water-soluble polyester, which comprises terephthalic acid and/or isophthalic acid, ethylene glycol, bishydroxyethyl isophthalate-5-sodium sulfonate and polyethylene adipate Alcohol ester adopts direct esterification method to synthesize water-soluble polyester, wherein the mol ratio of ethylene glycol and terephthalic acid and/or isophthalic acid is 1.68~1.87, and described bishydroxyethyl isophthalate-5- Sodium sulfonate accounts for 11% to 16% of the theoretical weight of the obtained water-soluble polyester, the number average molecular weight of the polyethylene adipate is 500 to 20000, and the amount added accounts for 10% of the theoretical weight of the obtained water-soluble polyester. 6% to 12.7%. Due to the good heat resistance of polyethylene adipate, the present invention adopts polyethylene adipate to synthesize Water-soluble polyester, which has good spinnability, better heat resistance, and the initial thermal degradation temperature can be The temperature is as high as 365°C, which is significantly higher than that of the Water-soluble polyester prepared with polyethylene glycol by the conventional method.

1.Water soluble filament polyester size slice polyester filament staple fiber polyester cotton silk sizing textile sizing


Intrinsic Viscosity(dl/g) Melting Point(°C) L value b Value Diethylene Glycol(%)  Dissolution Time(S)
0.440±0.015 180.0±5.0 ≥60.0 5.0±3.0 7.0±0.1 2.5±0.5



Water soluble staple fiber series has the advantages of easy dissolution, easy diffusion and penetration, easy emulsification, easy biochemical degradation, etc., and gradually replaces acrylic paste


Water Soluble Polyester Chips (WSPET) series products meet the sizing requirements of polyester filament, staple fiber and polyester-cotton composite yarn, and Water Soluble Polyester Chips’ application has been extended to textile size, water-based paint and other fields. This series of products can be customized and modified according to the requirements of use temperature, humidity, sizing, high fixation rate, etc.

2.Water soluble staple fiber series

Intrinsic Viscosity(dl/g) Melting Point(°C) L value b Value Diethylene Glycol(%)  Dissolution Time(S)
0.440±0.015 175.0±5.0 ≥60.0 5.0±3.0 10.0±2.0 500±100



Water soluble staple fiber series:

1.Excellent adhesion performance: Water Soluble Polyester Chips has a similar molecular structure to polyester, and has good adhesion to polyester, and its adhesion to polyester is much better than that of PVA, acrylate and modified starch.

2.Good water solubility: Water Soluble Polyester Chips easy to dissolve in hot water above 80 degrees Celsius, no precipitation, no skinning. Good miscibility with starch, PVA, acrylic size, no precipitation, no delamination.

3.Low and stable viscosity: Water-soluble polyesteradapt to the “high melting, high pressure, low viscosity” pulping process, strong penetration, easy to obtain better penetration, fiber cohesion, hairiness fit.

4.Firm serous film: The serous film is firm, smooth and transparent, and the serous film is evenly broken during skeining-Water-soluble polyester

5.The regenerated hairiness of the divided pattern is less, the yarn is smooth, the opening of the loom is clear, the rate of warp yarn breakage is reduced, and the efficiency of the loom is improved-Water-soluble polyester

6.Substituting PVA to reduce costs: PVA can be 1:2, and the cost of pulp can be significantly reduced under the premise of completing weaving-Water-soluble polyester.

7.Green: Alcoholysis, hydrolysis, alkali decomposition and microbial degradation, not only the degradation performance is better than PVA, and the dosage is 1/2 of PVA, reducing the cost of sewage treatment-Water-soluble polyester


How to use Water Soluble Polyester Chips

The formula is based on the existing formula, the total solids remain unchanged, 1 kg of water-soluble polyester slurry is used to replace 2 kg of PVA, the insufficient part is supplemented with starch or modified starch, and an appropriate amount of oil agent and antistatic agent are added. Ensure that the sizing rate is basically close .

Put appropriate amount of water in the slurry mixing tank, start stirring, put in starch first, then put in Water-soluble polyesterslurry, stir well, heat up to above 95°C, then open the small air valve and cook for more than 30 minutes, then add oil agent, Antistatic agent or liquid slurry, then boiled and mixed, fixed volume and viscosity can be used.



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